Think before you Pink

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Breast_Cancer_Awareness_(263497131) Photo from wikipedia.

It is a feeling of hopelessness that brings us to this place. Desperate to save those who suffer. Determined to prevent those we hope never will. We are clawing and grasping to find any morsel of earth to hold onto when we feel like we’re spiraling out of control.

It is hopelessness. I know that now.

I used to think it was ignorance. Or lack of caring. I used to get angry. Every October when the grocery aisles started to display a sea of pink. “Pinkwashing” we call it now. Pink ribbons. Pink products. Pink everywhere. A tradition so old it has a name. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it used to make me so angry to watch the way we commercialize it.

Then my father has a brush with the C word. The word we don’t even want to spell because it feels too forewarning and…

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First One.. Good Morning World.

Tips for the Day

  • Be good to your self today – do one or more good thing to your body or mind (or both)
  • Try to smile to a stranger 😃
  • Find a stole and a wall and just place your bum on the stole and your eye’s on the wall – and for a while just stay there..

Have a nice day

– Ditte Vanman Brandt